Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding Cake

My sister-in-law and I love to make cakes. After months of watching shows like Ace of Cakes and Food Network Challenge, we decided that we wanted to give it a try.

After a couple months of making cakes and having quite a few successes, we were asked to make a wedding cake for our Aunt's wedding. It was a "country picnic" themed wedding that took place at the Botanical Gardens. The lunch was all dutch oven so we wanted to included that element in our cakes. So we served them in dutch ovens and even had the foil hanging out like you would have with any dutch oven dish.

I loved making this cake because we came up with so many elements during the process. We had originally planned to pipe little dots but we had the idea of using tiny sugar balls or dragées. Then we thought it would be cute to randomly place tiny flowers under some of the dragées. It brought the cake up to a whole new level and we were really pleased with the outcome, as were the bride and groom and we really can't ask for anything better than that.

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