Sunday, January 23, 2011


I get a camera so I can finally start posting all my projects, and our computer crashes. Well, our laptop that we have been using because we don't want to pay the $650 to fix our iMac. I'm posting from my parent's house now.

We finally decided to get the Mac fixed if our tax return allows. Fingers crossed!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Deardenland Sign

MIL gave this sign to FIL a couple years ago for Christmas. You've got to remember that my in-law's are obsessed with Disneyland. And now that I've been, I've become a little obsessed too:) So I wanted to give DH a similar sign for Christmas. MIL and I went to the boutique that made the sign for her. They told us they no longer had the Walt Disney font (we later found out they did) and that they wouldn't do a multi-colored sign. This frustrating event lead MIL to buy a Cricut so we could do it ourselves! YAY!!!!And with Sure Cuts A Lot, I was able get the perfect font.

Like I said, I wanted our sign to be similar, but not the same. DH decided he wanted the sign to look like this:

so I ended up with this: