Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Christmas in March

Today I got two things I've been needing for a while.

Our oven has had problems since we got it. DH diagnosed the problem as a broken top heating element. So I've been cooking with an oven that has been working on 1/2 power. It literally took over a 1/2 hour to heat up to 350. And it's been getting worse so yesterday I finally got up the guts to ask our boss/landlord for a new one. Today they delivered my new black beauty. I was so excited to cook dinner tonight! And it only took 10 minutes to heat up to 425!

Also, we got a new (well, new to us) computer! Our neighbor works for a large medical clinic and they recently updated all their computers. We got a computer tower that had been wiped clean for $25! And a functioning computer is really nice to have now that I'm the Primary President in our ward. I've been driving 30 miles to use my in-law's computer to do all my primary stuff. It got old quick.

I've been Primary President for about 6 weeks now and it's keeping me unbelievably busy. But I'm happy to be busy right now because a month ago I had an ectopic pregnancy. It's been devastating, but we have faith in the Lord and know that another little one will come along soon enough. Before we found out that this little baby was stuck in my fallopian tube, we told DH's family about the pregnancy using this:

Now for some crafts.
-DH's baby sister is getting married next month. I've been making some things to get them going. I glass etched some Pyrex for them similar to the ones I made for us

-I also made them a "wedding night basket." I won't post pictures of that:) Let's just say it has everything they may need or want for their honeymoon.

-I'm in the process of making her a recipe book. I'm using my Memory Mixer scrapbook software to make each recipe all cute and scrapbook-like, then I'll send them to Costco to print. Pics to come.

-I made a What's for Dinner? calendar using MIL's supply of bottle cap's and DH's endless access to sheet metal.

But now that I'm so busy, and am rarely home at dinner time, I haven't been making most of the meals I have planned. I'm hoping that as time goes on, I won't be so busy. I'm lucky to have an understanding husband who doesn't complain about my calling.

-DD saw this at DI and had to have it but it said Wal-Mart on the sides. Yuck.I replaced it with this.

-Finally, my brother and his family moved back to Utah from Texas and they're living with my parent's until they find a house. This freed up my parent's spare king size bed. They graciously offered it to us because they know that our queen gave us both back problems. Now we're sleeping oh so comfortably with plenty o' room for the little one when she climbs in.
I don't even care that it doesn't fit our queen headboard.
Best sleep we've had our whole married life.