Friday, December 18, 2009

Recovered Sewing Box

About a year ago, long before I got into sewing, I went looking for a sewing box to hold the few sewing materials I had (like needles and thread). I found some cute ones but I thought $20 was ridiculous, especially since I was never gong to get into crafts. (Never say never!)

I found this at the thrift store. I liked the baby blue but the fabric was ugly, but who cares because, again, I wasn't into crafts. I look it home and it held every single crafty thing I had, with ample room to spare.

Well, now that I've come over to the crafty side and I use this all the time to hold my sewing notions, I decided that ugly old grandma cover had to go. I looked through my fabric remnants and found a fat quarter I had bought at JoAnns. It's hard to tell in this picture (because my camera sucks) that the blues match perfectly.

Much prettier now.

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