Friday, November 27, 2009

Hair Bow's & Clippies

Lately I've been making bows in my free time. It is so much fun! DD has an amazing full head of curly hair and I love making a bow to match all of her outfits. All you need is ribbon, a hot glue gun and alligator clips (which I finally found at Sally's. I got 100 for under $5.)

I've found a couple great websites.
hair-hardware has great instructional videos.
Girly Things also has great ideas.
And I found instructions on Ribbon Retreat to make butterfly clippies.

DH's little brother is getting married on Wednesday and I've been trying to decide what kind of bow to make for DD. Her dress is pink and gray so I decided on a pink pinwheel bow with a silver surrounding loop and a jewel in the center. I couldn't resist trying her dress on her with a bow. On the wedding day I'll do pigtails with two bows. This butterfly clippy has a korker body which are so fun and easy to make. You can find a video tutorial on korkers here.

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