Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wall Storage Folder

I saw this on a blog and set out to do my own right away. This is a super cute way to store all those pesky loose papers that add up so fast.

All you need is an old book that you're willing to sacrifice, some scrapbook paper or fabric, and some ribbon.

I'm not so good at taking step by step pictures you can look at the step by step tutorial that I used here.

Here's my brief tutorial:
I couldn't find any books in the house that I wanted to sacrifice so I went to DI in search of big (larger than a piece of paper) hard cover books. The only problem is that I kept finding the perfect size book but it would be a great recipe book and I didn't want to tear it apart.
Anyway, I finally found 3 books for only $1 each.

I decided to cover mine in fabric so after I cut the pages out of the book and had only the cover left I plugged in my hot glue gun and set to work covering the outside of the book. Then I used some scrapbook paper for the inside of the book, because some of it will be seen.

I followed the tutorial when I made my holes for the thread. I used embroidery thread and coordinating buttons , but you can use anything.

I know my tutorial is very vague but if you follow the link, it tells you everything you need to know.

This takes less than an hour to make and you may already have everything in the house to make it.