Thursday, September 8, 2011


I am the type that starts nesting REALLY, REALLY early. DD's room was done before I was even 15 weeks along. Since we have all the basics I only have a few things on my list. 1) cloth diapers 2) clothes (if it's a boy like we think it is) and 3) two dressers to replace DD's one.

I wanted two taller 4 or 5-drawer dressers hoping it would take up the same space as DD's short long dresser. I did a lot of internet shopping before I found the one I wanted. I had a few requirements. It had to have metal runners, it had to be sturdy, it had to be big enough, it had to be under $150, and it had to be white. Most of the dressers I found under $150 had bad reviews saying it was flimsy and cheap.

I found one at Shopko that had metal runners and a safety mechanism that only allows one drawer to be open at a time. LOVE that feature with little kids! (Does it drive everyone else nuts when they walk into your kids' room to find that the kiddos have been rummaging through the drawers and left them all open!?) This dresser was originally $260 but it was on sale for $130. I took hubby to see it and make sure he approved. Instead of taking a gamble on 2 dressers we decided to get one for DD now and make sure we like it. We've got 6 more months to get another (however I'm already accumulating stuff for the little one and I need a dresser keep it all in. We may be getting another sooner than we thought! DH will be so thrilled when I tell him...)

It took DH two or three hours to put together but it's very, very sturdy, and quite heavy. It's definitely not a Wal-mart piece of junk. Since it is so heavy I'm really glad it had the only-one-drawer-open-at-a-time feature.

I love it! The one down side has been that we've gone down from six drawers to four.

To give it a little more organization I went to Lowes and had them cut some poplar board down to the length of the drawer so I could make permanent dividers. Poplar board is so cheap, about $1.50 for 2 feet. I came home and debated what kind of glue to use to secure it. I thought about gorilla glue but it foams up so ugly. I thought about wood glue but then DH suggested silicone. It worked perfectly (and we lucked out that the poplar board is the same color as the inside of the drawers!

So instead of this:
We have this:

And DD's socks, misc stuff and panties are organized like this:
LOVE it!

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