Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hair Styling Mirror

DD hates having her hair done. She's got such a beautiful head of hair and I want to play around with different styles. Even something as easy as a pony tail is such a hassle that I usually give up.

DD likes to look at herself in the mirror so my mom suggested that I make a little hair station. We were at DI and my mom found a mirror that was perfect. It has a sturdy metal frame and 2 arms that look like they were meant to hold votive candles.

I got it home and spray painted the little arms white (I forgot to take a before picture...again) then I mod podge'd some scrapbook paper to the frame. I was so thrilled when I found this paper because has the colors that are already in her room as well as colors I plan to add if our next baby is a boy. DH hung this on the wall last night but DD is napping and I don't dare go in to take a picture of it on the wall.
I'm about to wake her up so we can go to Toddler Time at The Treehouse, so we'll see how well this works.

****Update: It's a week since I posted this and I finally got a picture of DD and the mirror. She LOVES it! No more wrestling to get her hair done!

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