Thursday, March 18, 2010


I tried couponing once before and I found it totally confusing.
On Monday night I was at Smith's and I overheard 2 ladies talking about some awesome deals they got. I plucked up my courage to walk up to them and ask what source they use for couponing. They were super friendly and told me about I told her that couponing confused me, but she said that this website walks you through it and makes it easy. She told me how she bought $200 worth of groceries the previous day and paid $30 out of pocket. I can't pass up deals like that. I came home and explored PYP and decided that I want to do it. DH even got excited about it.

I was looking at the PYP blog and found a great deal going on at Rite Aid. So I went with coupons in hand and got all of this:

for FREE. Now, I did pay some money out of pocket, but I will be getting a $25 rebate from Rite Aid so I will end up making money!

I was able to stock up on stuff we always need like Sudafed & Motrin, and get some things I've always wanted to try (KY Yours & Mine) :) all for FREE.


  1. I don't have the patience or actual desire to do couponing. I think it's awesome, but I guess I'm too lazy.

  2. You also might want to check out She does it more simple I think. But it is addicting to coupon when you save a bucket load of money. I spend $16 on $45 worth of groceries at Walmart the other day. But the best I have done was $35 for $145 worth of groceries.

  3. Thanks Melissa! I got so excited when I looked at her site last night! I can't wait to do the TOy Story deal tomorrow!