Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bathroom on a Budget

I just realized that I forgot to talk about the cost of our bathroom makeover. It was very, very cheap.

Paint & supplies totaled about $40, which we were reimbursed for by our boss/landlord =$0
Fabric from JoAnn's = $9
4 Towels from Costco @ $6.99 each= $28
3 hand towels from Wal-mart @ $2.50 each= $7.50
4 washcloths from Wal-mart @ $1.50 each= $6
3 candles from Dollar Tree= $3
White shelf from DI= $3
Towel Hook from Wal-mart= $2
Shower curtain liner from Ross= $4
Shower curtain from Ross $7.99 but my parents found it and purchased it= $0

Grand total= $62.50

If we had not been reimbursed for the paint and supplies it would have been just over $100.
Not bad at all for a bathroom makeover!

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