Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bathroom Makeover

We've been working on our bathroom for 3 days now. It's almost done. I'm just waiting for DH to get home from with some tools and a ladder off his work truck so we can reach the top of the walls and fix a few things.

The before bathroom is so ugly that I feel it deserves an explanation.
Before we moved 6 months ago, the maintenance guy for the mortuary (did I ever mention that we live at a mortuary? Well, not IN the mortuary, in a duplex next door owned my the mortuary.) ripped off the wallpaper that was ALL OVER the house. Then he painted the entire house white. I had been in the house before they did any of this and believe me, I'd rather live in an all-white asylum then in a house with 70's wallpaper on every wall.

Anyway, the only room he didn't have time to get to was the bathroom. They installed a new toilet and a new vanity, which was slightly smaller than the previous one and left a hole in my wall for 3 months.

The bathroom wouldn't have been too bad if someone hadn't painted these hideous daisy's with neon yellow accents all over the walls.

So, in this picture you can see the neon flowers and in the bottom right corner you can see the raw drywall piece of wall that was finally installed to patch the big hole in the wall.

The bathroom (which I think is more like a closet) currently looks like this (sorry my camera takes such crappy pictures, when we're all done I'll get my MIL's fancy Nikon and take some pictures)

And I love it! Stay tuned...

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