Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bachelorette Party

One of my best friends from high school is getting married in a couple weeks so I offered to throw her a shower. As a general rule I hate showers with their stupid games and crappy food so I decided to do what my BFF did for my shower - go to Olive Garden. But with something as simple as going out to dinner, the little details have to be perfect to make it special for the bride. My BFF offered to help me so we spent the last couple days working on favors and decorations.

We went to hobby lobby with a few things in mind and ended up getting inspired by what we saw and changing our original plans. (That always happens to me, except when I go without a plan hoping to get inspired - then I draw a blank.) We decided to re-live high school, since that's when we were all the closest.

Mariah in high school was punky-pink. So we did everything in black and pink and tried to add in a little punk.

BFF made little purses out of pink paper with black polka dots to hold the favors which were funky colored nail polish (a Mariah fashion must) and candy flavored lip gloss along with a manicure set. She also made covers to hold CD's that I made of songs we listened to in high school.

I made this simple centerpiece (the bottom white & pink is Good & Plenty candy)
I made a veil (pink, of course) with a black headband that we made her wear and we got a bachelorette sash, just to embarrass her.

Being the shower only for friends (as opposed to one where her mother would be there) we were able to give her the dirty gifts

It went over really well. It was fun to leave the little one home with daddy and have fun with the girls. But I'm always happy to come home to my loving hubby and my beautiful girl.
Sammi, Mariah, Me, Marne'

Mariah, Me, Marne', BFF Kalli

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