Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day Brag Boards

DH and I were tuck home last Sunday working for the mortuary, so I had an extra week to get our Mother's Day gifts done. They're finally complete and ready to give to our mom's.

I decided to make Brag Boards for them. I got the idea from a blog (which I can't find now) where the mom was sick of having her refrigerator covered in the kids' artwork & pictures, so she made a brag board.

I wanted to make them to fit both of our moms' personalities and I think I accomplished that.
Here is the one I made for my mom:

And here is the one I made for DH's mom:

This one was a little trickier than my mom's was. I went to Roberts to get white vinyl but they were out, so I had to figure something else out. I looked at chipboard letters but they were too small. I thought of letter stickers, but again, too small. I finally decided to use my neighbors cricut and cut out the letters. We found some really elegant ivory paper with a gold sheen (enlarge the picture to see) and then we found some awesome jewel embellishments.
I painted to board Cinderella blue, MIL's favorite color. Even her car is that color. I painted the border of the board and the clothespins ivory to go with the paper.

I'm pretty happy with the result. I think it looks better than it would have if I had just done white vinyl. Funny how that always happens; you go to the craft store with an idea and you end up doing something totally different.

I had pictures printed to hang from the clothespins but I cannot find them!!!! Hopefully I'll come across them before we head to our folks' houses.
*****Sad Update: DH's mom's brag board was damaged en route to her house. It was still a little tacky and DH's clack coat touched it. Now it's covered in black fuzzies. There is no way I'm giving this to my mother in law. Aaargh!

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