Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Raq Quilts

I really wanted to make a quilt for my new little one, who is a girl, BTW. But I'm horrible at binding quilts so I decided to make a rag quilt. I used this tutorial. The only difference it that I sewed an "x" through the two pieces of flannel rather than sewing along all the edges.

I made my first rag quilt for DD and I'm happy to say that she has abandoned her other 3 blankets and now only uses the quilt I made her.

I really thought this baby was going to be a boy and I had the fabric picked out for his blanket but refused to buy any until I knew for sure. I'm sure glad I didn't buy it and now I have to find fabric that will go with the blue and red mickey (the only mickey flannel I could find) and have it still be girly.

While looking for fabric on Saturday my mom spotted some breast cancer fabric and asked me to make a quilt for her. It's much larger than DD's but it only took me 2 days and it turned out great. This time I had the help of these beauties: which makes it SOOOOOOO much easier. The worst part of making a rag quilt is having to snip all around the seems, and using regular scissors kill your hand but these spring loaded snips made it a breeze.

It was surprisingly difficult for me to design a "random" pattern. I blame my OCD.

Here's mom's finished quilt. And per her request I also made her a heating pad to lay across her chest.
I have another ultra sound coming up and I'm waiting to know that this baby didn't grow some boy parts (I wouldn't be upset if that happened, I'd be thrilled) before I start on the baby's quilt. I'm excited!

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