Monday, May 23, 2011

When crafts go wrong....

So I've been crafting a ton of baby things lately for my little nephew-to-be but I can't post any of it for fear his mommy will see:) But one craft went seriously wrong and they're going to be trashed.
I'm really bummed these didn't work out. I was really, really excited about them. I attempted, and failed, to make closet dividers for my little un-named nephew (I'm shaking my fist at his parents for keeping his name a secret. It's funner to personalize baby gifts....just sayin)

I don't remember where I found this idea but when I saw it I wished so bad that I had them when DD was born. She got so many clothes in a wide range of sizes that sometimes I didn't find an outfit until she had grown out of it.

I found the wood door hangers at hobby lobby and used DH's dremel to cut one side so they'd hook over the rod. Then I mod podged on paper. Here's where I messed up. I wasn't too worried about cutting the paper exactly to size because I thought that when I went back over the edges with a sanding bit on the dremel, it would sand off the extra paper. It didn't. Then I tried to exacto knife off the excess, but it tore a lot. So I thought I'd ink the edges but the ink wasn't dark enough so I used paint. By then I was so frustrated that I wasn't as careful as I should have been. In the end, they looked like crap and I refuse to give them to my sister-in-law, but here they are:
It's okay. I've got many, many other things to give the little guy and his mama. But it's always a bummer when a craft doesn't work out.

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  1. Oh I hate it when crafts go wrong- especially at the very end!

    Very cute blog!