Sunday, November 14, 2010

Flannel Board

After seeing a felt turkey at Naptime Crafts, I couldn't get the idea of having a flannel board out of my head. And the only cure for that is to make it, buy it, whatever it takes. I have a bunch of felt for the quiet book I will one day make (maybe) so while DD was napping I cut out a turkey. Couldn't have been easier. Then I set out to find something I could use to make a flannel board. I went to DI hoping to find a cheap, lightweight frame that I could take the glass out, but the only thing that came close was $8, and I didn't want to spend that much on something I knew I could make for pennies.

While laying in bed that night I remembered that DD's ond hair bow holder was covered in flannel, and that it was sitting in her closet as it doesn't match her room anymore. I swear my light bulbs only go off while I'm laying in bed.

So it's currently pink but I'm waiting to go to JoAnn's next week when their flannel is on sale to get white, but it works for now.

So we've been learning about Turkeys and Thanksgiving and practicing colors.

Last night I was cutting some Christmas shapes on the Cricut and decided to cut templates and make a felt tree and snowman.

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