Saturday, January 16, 2010

Project in the works...door frames

Our house is at least 60 years old. Probably more. That comes with a lot of down sides i.e. lath and plaster instead of drywall, aluminum ducts with asbestos tape....But, it also has some cool old woodwork. Unfortunately the original wood has been painted over. So, instead of stripping the paint we decided to paint the door frames so they stand out. We've only put the first coat on so far, but it looks amazing.

This is in my "black room." All the furniture is black and the couch is soon to be recovered in black. I was hesitant when DH suggested painting the door frames black, but I'm glad I went along with it.
Our little helper monkey

I also made new curtains recently but I wasn't going to post pictures until the couch was recovered. Oh well, here are the curtains:
I decided to hang them down like this rather than off to the side so they hide the ugly swamp cooler. I also made fabric flowers and put them on the tiebacks.

More pictures to come when the room in finished.

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